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Botticello is a privately owned investment company. The company owns and operates a diversified collection of business interests, including: private equity investments, real estate development, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, and several e-commerce  businesses.

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Most of our private equity investments are late-stage technology companies that are  privately held, but have the potential to go public. Shares are acquired from private equity firms, other accredited investors or startup employees with vested shares that are otherwise not liquid.

Casey Botticello DocuSign Investor
Casey Botticello SoFi IPO
Casey Botticello 23andMe IPO
Casey Botticello Dropbox Investor

Private Equity Investments

Casey Botticello Accel Robotics IPO
Casey Botticello Anaplan IPO
Coursera IPO Casey Botticello
Casey Botticello Puppet IPO
Circle IPO Casey Botticello
Ionic Security IPO Casey Botticello
Casey Botticello Uber





We aren't just early cryptocurrency and blockchain investors.

The Cryptocurrency Alliance is an independent expenditure-only committee (Super PAC), founded by cryptocurrency investor and blockchain advocate Casey Botticello. The Cryptocurrency Alliance Super PAC was created to raise awareness about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, counter the relentless propaganda espoused by the global banking elite who are threatened by a decentralized currency, and to oppose legislation and political candidates who intend to regulate cryptocurrencies at the expense of consumer privacy.

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